Movember Self Portrait

Well as much as I hate taking pictures of myself, I had to give it a shot. Growing a moustache for Movember is one of my households most frowned upon acts that I have ever embarked upon. This is my second year and instead of following the rules and starting fresh in November, I have been growing my lip ribbon for a few weeks. Except in the form of a goatee to appease the wife and prevent her from being creeped out. She thinks it makes me look like some sexual deviant. Well she broke down tonight and let me trim my gnarly goat into a fine specimen of a Mo’.

I love Movember and what it stands for. Getting people to talk about prostate cancer, especially men. So with my current Mo reaching sustainable dimensions, I thought I just had to take pictures. They will keep me comforted long after the wife forces the manhood off my face. So with that, the following 4 images were born.

I like to think of this as my attempt to put myself near Ron Burgundy and the Channel 4 news team. Stay classy Prince George! This was lit with two clamping work lights, 13W compact fluorescents (2700k), that were generally diffused with a thin white shower curtain. The third light source was a bit higher wattage but still shone through some shower curtain. Post processing included adding some grain and the somewhat throwback colour stylings.


The following picture is a somewhat serious shot, probably for my wife or something. It was somewhat subconscious. Same light sources, and a bit too much softening in post production. Probably to take the edge of the freshly hacked face thanks to a disposable razor.

This made me think of the Uni-bomber. So I cooled the temperature down a bit in post production to give it a cooler / cold feel.

For some reason I was feeling ‘pointy’. For those ‘F You’ moments.

So thats my short post for today. Please stop by my facebook photography page or ‘like’ it on the right of this post. Might as well follow this blog too, since every once in a while I have some wit and insight that you could find anywhere else but here is a good a place as any.

Have a good one, and stay classy interweb!

Troy Alan White


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