My name is Troy. I’m an addict. In my life I have kicked a number of addictions; cigarettes, fist bumping, soda pop, excessive blinking, video games, timmies coffee, kung fu, and sarcasm to name a few. I do however still occasionally partake in a double-double and a little sarcasm. Those are tough ones to kick. No, my newest addiction is photography.  I can’t say that I am an under-appreciated artist surviving off of ramen noodles living in my mothers basement struggling through life because nobody understands me. I have a job, one that has nothing to do with photography and I like it.

I take pictures because I enjoy it.  I created this little corner in the interweb to lay down my thoughts, feelings, and experiences regarding my photographic journey. Particularly before I become ‘old and moldy’. I don’t have a degree in digital art or any real training in photography, just an inquisitive and probing desire to capture images. I realize everyone and their dog, and some chimps too, have a camera and think they can take photographs. I on the other hand know I cannot. If I do, it’s merely by accident or a stroke of luck….or an unlucky stroke.

Whatever the case, here is my page, and the stories that follow are real. No names have been changed, no places have been altered, all in the name of inflicting the greatest amount of embarrassment possible.  This is all about amusement. Mostly my own, but if I happen to make you smile, smirk, cringe, or even laugh…all the better.



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